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Research publications

Maracahipes-Santos, L., Silvério, D.V., Maracahipes, L., Macedo, M.N., Lenza, E., Jankowski, K.J., Wong, M.Y., Silva, A.C.S.D., Neill, C., Durigan, G. and Brando, P.M., 2023. Intraspecific trait variability facilitates tree species persistence along riparian forest edges in Southern Amazonia. Scientific Reports, 13(1), p.12454.

Zhou, Y., Biro, A., Wong, M.Y., Batterman, S.A. and Staver, A.C., 2022. Fire decreases soil enzyme activities and reorganizes microbially‐mediated nutrient cycles: A meta‐analysis. Ecology

Cusack, D.F., Addo-Danso, S., Agee, E.A., Andersen, K.M., Arnaud, M., Batterman, S.A., Brearley, F.Q., Ciochina, M., Cordeiro, A.L., Dallstream, C., Diaz-Toribio, M.H., Dietterich, L.H., Fisher, J.B., Fleischer, K., Fortunel, C., Fuchslueger, L., Guerrero-Ramirez, N., Kotowska, M., Lugli, L.F., Marín, C., McCulloch, L.A., Maeght, JL. Metcalfe, D., Norby, R.J., Oliveira, R.S., Powers, J.S., Reichert, R., Smith, S.W., Smith-Martin, S., Soper, F., Toro, L., Umana, M.N., Valverde-Barrantes, O., Weemstra, M., Werden, L., Wong, M., Wright, S.J., and Yaffar, D. Tradeoffs and Synergies in Tropical Forest Root Traits for Nutrient and Water Acquisition: Field and Modeling Advances. 2021. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change.

Almaraz, M., Wong, M.Y., Geoghegan, E.K., Houlton, B.Z. A review of carbon farming impacts on nitrogen cycling, retention, and loss. 2021. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences

Fork, M., Anderson, E., Castellanos, A., Fischhoff, I., Matsler, M., Nieman, C., Olesky, I., Wong, M. Creating community: How we collectively built an adaptable postdoctoral program to develop skills and overcome isolation. 2021. Ecosphere. https://doi.org10.22541/au.160519333.36036478/v1


Soper, F.M., Taylor, B.N., Winbourne, J.B., Wong, M.Y., Dynarski, K.A., Reis, C.R., Peoples, M.B., Cleveland, C.C., Reed, S.C., Menge, D.N. and Perakis, S.S. 2021. A roadmap for sampling and scaling biological nitrogen fixation in terrestrial ecosystems. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 12, pp.1122–1137.

Wong, M., Rathod, S., Marino, R., Li, L., Howarth, R.W., Alastuey, A., Alaimo, M., Barraza, F., Carneiro, M., Chellam, S., Chen Y.C., Cohen, D., Connelly, D., Dongarra, G., Gomez, D., Hand, J., Harrison, R.M., Hopke, P., Hueglin, C., Kuang, Y.W., Lambert, F., Liang, J., Losno, R., Maenhaut, W., Milando, C., Monteiro, M.I.C., Morera-Gómez, Y., Querol, X., Rodriguez, S., Smichowski, P., Varrica, D., Xiao, Y., Xu, Y., and Mahowald, N.M. 2021. Anthropogenic Perturbations to the Atmospheric Molybdenum Cycle. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, pp. 1-25.

Wong, M.Y., Neill, C., Marino, R., Silvério, D.V., and Howarth, R.W. 2021. Molybdenum, phosphorus, and pH do not constrain nitrogen fixation in a tropical forest in the southeastern Amazon. Ecology, 102(1), e03211, 1-13.

Wong, M.Y., Neill, C., Marino, R., Silvério, D.V., Brando, P.M. and Howarth, R.W. 2020. Biological Nitrogen Fixation Does Not Replace Nitrogen Losses After Forest Fires in the Southeastern Amazon. Ecosystems, 23, pp.1037–1055.

Wong, M.Y., Mahowald, N.M., Marino, R., Williams, E.R., Chellam, S. and Howarth, R.W. 2020. Natural atmospheric deposition of molybdenum: a global model and implications for tropical forests. Biogeochemistry, 149(2), pp.159-174.

Almaraz, M., Wong, M.Y. and Yang, W.H. 2020. Looking back to look ahead: a vision for soil denitrification research. Ecology, 101(1), p.e02917.

Winbourne, J.B., Harrison, M.T., Sullivan, B.W., Alvarez-Clare, S., Lins, S.R., Martinelli, L., Nasto, M., Piotto, D., Rolim, S., Wong, M.Y. and Porder, S. 2018. A new framework for evaluating estimates of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in forests. The American Naturalist, 192(5), pp. 618-629.

Teaching publications

Larson, E.I. and Wong, M.Y. 2019. Using structured decision making to explore complex environmental issues. CourseSource

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